October 12, 2010

Very Valentino and the Return of the Kitten Heel Court

So - I have absolutely LOVED these shoes from the very first moment I laid eyes on them xx
And that was last year when we started working on Winter and Nikki handed out the Style Sight Footwear Winter trend overview booklet.
Was rather disappointed when I didn't see many celebs fall as hard for them as I did and so have not seen them worn. That was until last week - and low and behold, they were spotted on the feet of two VPL's in the fashion world - Alexa Chung and Garance Dore  and at the very same function no less!!
The fashionista probably the most responsible for making menswear part of our wardrobes, and the blogger (whose boyfriend is Scott Schuman the Satorialist) where seen at Paris fashion week in these beyond gorgeous Valentino babies.
I think the start of the kitten heel court coming to commercial fashion - so keep your eyes peeled for more versions.........

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