October 22, 2010

Candy Colours

With Summer now well on the way, stores are starting to stock up on high summer gear. I have been noticing the prevalence of candy colours in Footwear - not quite primary brights and not quite pretty pastels, but more mid tone colours. And they are really looking fresh and strong.

Then in reading the Instyle site this week, could not help but notice a few celebs sporting these colours in their looks too:

Gwyneth Paltow
Anna Kendrick
Diane Kruger
Kate Bosworth
Australian Footwear retailer, Wittner, has done some nice looking styles in these colours - some great inspiration for us.

Vantrice by Wittner

Nala by Wittner

Cobra by Wittner
My set of colour inspiration boards for Summer 2011 does include a new brights palette. Am really feeling for some of these colours, especially in the more casual & leisure executions. Below are some styles from my last trip to China.

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