October 22, 2010

Camel and Oatmeal as seen at Donna Karan

In my Summer Q1 presentation last week I spoke about the new foundation colour palette of Camel and Oatmeal. The very strong nudes and naturals of the past few seasons now are evolving into the light linen like oatmeals. Tans are lightening up and becoming more camel in nature. The start of this palette I think was evident in the Celine Fall Winter collection, and now many designers have used the palette for their Spring Summer looks.

Probably my favorite execution of this colour scheme was Donna Karan's show. The pure simplicity and almost iridescence of the garments and fabrics are so feminine and ethereal.

And the footwear too followed the same look at feel. From gorgeous 70's style basket weave platform sandals to the very easy to wear natural flats. Note the new rope tying styling elements, the linen as upper fabrics and the colours of course!

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